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Key feature : the new “Sakura” software is created on the basis of “Red Dragon”, and includes all its features, etalons and functions. Sakura software of a new generation for Japanese market. Includes new etalons databases such as, Kampo phytotherapy, Kampo medicinal preparations, and Japanese food products.

In addition to features of the previous versions, new software versions include a number of new 3D models in Full HD.

Release date : 2016

Model name : Metatron Sakura Metapathia GR



Key feature : raise of diagnostic's accuracy on account of 3D-visualization and filling in the program the results of patient's biochemical analysis, received in a laboratory.

Recommended for : medical and rehabilitation centers, specialists of integrative and sports medicine.

Release date : 2011

Model name : Metatron Clinical Metapathia GR



Key feature : diagnostic by Chinese meridians, availability of etalons for Traditional Chinese preparations, Traditional Chinese food and dishes.

Recommended for : specialists and centers of Traditional Chinese and alternative medicine.

Release date : 2012

Model name : Metatron Red Dragon



Key feature : automatically search and localization of problematic areas up to chromosome level, including oncological processes at the beginning.

Recommended for : small businesses and to all who are new to NLS-diagnostics.

Release date : 2006

Model name : Metatron Hunter Metapathia GR




Recommended for : medical and diagnostic centers with stationary form of patient care.

Release date : 2010