Bio-resonance or NLS-diagnostics is the reading, processing and analyzing of information discerned from the output of electromagnetic waves issued by the human body, including DNA and chromosomes.

Bio-resonance makes it possible to precisely define the character, origins and degree of potentially harmful processes decoded by METATRON during a diagnostics session, and forecast future health dynamics.

Scanning is accomplished by means of bioinductors - special trigger sensors capable of measuring the state of all cells in the human body, as well as the activity of bacteria, parasites and other infectious agents inhabiting it. As opposed to others, Metatron targets the subcortical brain - the largest repository of information about the ongoing processes within an organism.



Information received during an impermanent (20 min) diagnostic is reformed into a digital signal, which is subsequently decoded and analyzed by Metatron's unique software. Metatron's software database contains a total of 10,000 spectral etalons of different processes and preparations, used to determine illnesses and suggest remedies.

Metatron also estimates a body's compatibility with all preparations (such as drugs, dietary supplements, photo-reparations, foodstuff, minerals and stones) not already present in its database by use of a special bio-resonance chamber. Simply put a sample of chosen preparation inside Metatron's bio-resonance chamber and it will run a test of compatibility between your body and chosen preparation.

The results of research are the outcome from analysis of different vital activity rates (from the condition of body's biologically active zones to dietary supplements recommendations). Our software features a system of markers that identify dysfunctional changes in the body, the causes thereof, their expected development, and measure their severity. Recommendations are subsequently provided, and our database features a vast list of appropriate treatments and preventive maintenance.